Writing Activity: Acrostic Playlist

Are you a music-enjoying nerd avoiding actually writing by looking through the writing tag on WordPress while pretending that counts as writing? Then I have the writing activity for you!

First choose a word from your work in progress. It could be a theme, a character’s name, a prominent object, your magical MacGuffin, or what have you…. For the examples I am going to use GUARDIAN, an Important with a capital I word from my Stone Spoken series.

Next, prepare your word with each letter on a separate line like so:









We will be doing an acrostic poem with a twist! If you can’t remember what an acrostic poem is from your school days, it’s a poem where the first letter of each line also spells out a word or short phrase.  Our twist here is that it is an… ACROSTIC PLAYLIST!

Rather than a line you make up, attempt to find a song title for each line. The best of these acrostic playlists will make a poem, musically match your work in progress, and have thematically appropriate lyrics. If you manage even one of those you are doing great. Good luck!

You can thank some insomnia for this boredom-bashing activity. As always leave a comment with your poem or link to your post if you want! I’ll give you two examples, both based on Guardian. 

Musically Thematic:


     by Jo Blankenburg


     by Two Steps from Hell

Above and Beyond

     by Audiomachine


     by John Dreamer

Dream Chasers

     by Future World Music

Into Darkness

     by Thomas Bergersen

As One

     by LiquidCinema

Never Back Down

     by Two Steps from Hell


Bonus Challenge of Thematic Lyrics:


     by Aisha Burns

Until We God Down

     by Ruelle

All is Well

     by Austin Basham

Rescue My Heart

     by Liz Longley

Dear God

     by Lawless

In the Shadows

     by Amy Stroup

A Quiet Darkness

     by Houses

Need the Sun to Break

     by James Bay