Worldbuilding: Festivals, Holidays, and More

As we go into October, America begins to shift. Halloween decorations pop up here and there. Scarecrows and witches appear in equal measures. Turkeys fat, round, and made of crepe paper rule over their dominion of seasoned breadcrumbs at grocery stores. In a sudden shift, almost overnight, after the blackest of Fridays, Christmas trees sprout […]

Word Quota

The last couple of weeks have been a tornado filled with sentence shrapnel. (Not to mention actual tornado warnings.) Words whipped up around me as I stood in the center, or perhaps I have been flung around with them. Have you ever seen those pictures of the aftermath of a tornado? Where a stake of wood has […]

What Does Lawful Good Even Mean Anymore?

WHAT WAS I JUST SAYING? Does anyone remember last week’s post? Anyone? No? For a refresher: Why is realistic synonymous with dark, gritty, and violent? Why is so much of our narrative going there right now? Ok. We are all caught up. Now for today’s. Oh, it’s about the same thing. The same thing that […]

A Grimdark Confession

I am not a fan of A Song of Ice and Fire. Or, for that matter, Game of Thrones. I said it. It is out in the open. On the internet. For people to find in years to come. There are many things I appreciate about it. There are many things I find problematic about […]

A Toast to The Toast

The Toast is closing. Long live The Toast. I’m not sure what the point of this post is going to be, but I feel like I need to acknowledge the internet news of today in some way. As a feminist cat-loving writer, recently turned librarian, The Toast is, was, a community I felt at home […]

You Don’t Need Permission to Write.

Say it with me: I don’t need permission to write. Let’s shout this from the rooftops. There is all sorts of writing advice on the Internet. By browsing writing tags on WordPress, you are inundated with words of varying degrees of wisdom. Some of it is great. Some of it is terrible. Some of it shouts […]