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Torn by mortal hands from across dimensions, entombed in stone, and deified against their spirits, the Guardians serve as gods.

As temples rose up and people bowed down, the imprisonment of Gryphon, Leviathan, Simurgh, and more hardened into the mythos of a world-spanning religion. The Guardians’ continued capture brought unending protection. Their protection heralded an age of increasing magic. As people spread across the lands, banners emblazoned with each Guardian marched out to every corner of the globe. Kingdoms developed as religion flourished.

By the accords of the Guardians, religion is breaking.

A Guardian’s protection came with a price. Tearing the walls between the dimensions, Guardians’ magic scarred the world. Now is a time of fracturing dimensions. A time of monsters. A time of spiritual chaos. A time of dreams bound by Fate. A time of Fate bound by stone. The Guardians must not be gods any longer.

Stone Spoken Dreams plague the people of the world. Called by an apostate dream to a traitorous task, each will bear the impossible burden of felling a Guardian. One statue at a time, they will break an age-old religion.

(Epic Fantasy; 120,000 Words)