Word Quota

The last couple of weeks have been a tornado filled with sentence shrapnel. (Not to mention actual tornado warnings.) Words whipped up around me as I stood in the center, or perhaps I have been flung around with them. Have you ever seen those pictures of the aftermath of a tornado? Where a stake of wood has been driven through cement? That has been me lately. Just replace the stake of wood with a word and the cement with me. It makes sense. I promise you.

I’m having word whiplash. So many words. Too many words. Reading a few hours a day, writing a few hours a day, and working at a library means I am literally surrounded by words all of the time– both in the literal and figurative meaning of that particular word. Since the new definition accounts for both these days, I’ll go ahead and double dip.

I accidentally missed posting last week and the week before that and the week before that and ok, so it’s been a month. A new novel has taken over my life in a drastic way and blogging takes more words. Too many words.

I ran out of words.

No more words.

Goodbye words.

I need a break.

I’ll see you when I see you.

Hello again.

I’m back.

Silence didn’t last long.

I’ll be back with my irregularly scheduled rambles once a week starting with this.

Author: authorialfuries

A literary dragon hoarding words like treasures.

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