You Don’t Need Permission to Write.

Say it with me: I don’t need permission to write.

Let’s shout this from the rooftops.

There is all sorts of writing advice on the Internet. By browsing writing tags on WordPress, you are inundated with words of varying degrees of wisdom. Some of it is great. Some of it is terrible. Some of it shouts into the void never to be read by anyone.

There is really only one consistent piece of advice: Write.

The rest of it is up to each individual. Are you before the birds are even awake writer? An afternoon tea and biscuits writer? A middle of the night when everyone else is fast asleep writer? That’s your choice.

Going by what other people tell you to do isn’t going to automatically make you a better writer. Take the bits of advice sprawled out in front of you for what it is: advice. It isn’t a command. If you write best sitting on the floor, wrapped up in a blanket, blaring pop music, then do that. Don’t think you need to follow the rules set by your favorite author.

Learn from others. Learn about craft and style and all the things that make writing what it is. Read “good” books and “bad” books. Learn from every word you encounter.

But when it comes down to it: Write. Writing is your choice. How you write is your choice. You aren’t all those other people. You are you.

Write the story only you can write.

Author: authorialfuries

A literary dragon hoarding words like treasures.

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