Dungeons, Dragons, and Dinner

Every year for Christmas Eve dinner we pick a theme to craft dinner around. This probably comes from at least three of us considering cooking a creative challenge. Some of our notable themes over the years have been: Meals from Hobbiton, Feast of Valhalla, and Holiday Hogwarts. Rosie’s meat pies, mead, and pumpkin pasties were central in years past.

Honoring our holiday Dungeons and Dragons game we chose to theme this year around our characters. Each person came up with a recipe that somehow represented their character. Our dishes ranged from hearty halfing fare to fortifying dragonborn provisions.

Thus our feast was held in a halfling tavern bordering a misty forest.

Now we must begin the planning for the spectacle that will be Star Wars Christmas. The cantina music has already begun…

Author: authorialfuries

A literary dragon hoarding words like treasures.

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