10 Ways to Use Those Notebooks You Will Receive this Holiday Season

If you mention you write people will get you fancy notebooks. It is practically a rule. I have a pile of them stacked up beside my desk. Some are half-filled with nonsense, some are completely filled with cramped handwritten rambles, and others that still haven’t been touched despite having them for years. My current favorites are from Ex Libris Anonymous and The Goblin Trader. I am always trying to find new ways to fill them.



1. An Object a Day

Describe an object in perfect detail without ever actually saying what it is.

2. Letters to the Abyss

Write a letter to someone you don’t know. Write to a fictional character. Write to a stranger you saw in the grocery store. Write to the bird flying outside your window.

3. Tweet A Story

Everyday write a 140 character snippet per page. Add on to the burgeoning story every day. By the end of the year, 365 pages later, you will have a complete short story.

4. Title Poetry

Write poetry only using titles. For variety try songs, books, movies, comics, and television shows.

5. Paint Chips

The names of paint amuse me. Every shade is given some vaguely related and occasionally punny name. Write a description of a character based on a paint’s name. If you are more of an artistic type, trying drawing the characters instead.

6. Random Names

Go to a random name generator and write an acrostic poem spelling out the name.

7. News Report

Write a piece of fiction based solely on the title of the current top news story.

8. Song Titles

Randomize your music listening device. Incorporate the first three song titles into a short story.

9. Review Your Day

Write a review of your day as though it was a movie. How did the cast play their parts? Did the soundtrack align well with the plot? Did the pacing drag anywhere?

10. Lists

Need I say more?

Author: authorialfuries

A literary dragon hoarding words like treasures.

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