10 Questions to Ask Your Characters- Fandom Edition

One of the many aspects about living in the middle of nowhere is that it takes several hours to get… anywhere. It’s a four hour drive to my mom’s place, two and a half to one of my sisters, and a whopping thirteen and a half to another sister. Luckily, there is also a sister just down the hall. At least that thirteen hours is changing soon. Yay!

Due to our massive amounts of travel time we have devised unending ways to entertain ourselves in the car. Among the top favorites are: casting novels as movies (occasionally with very little regard for the source material, including our own), impromptu musical numbers (usually The Scarlet Pimpernel), and interrogating each other with irrelevant questions about our characters. Because sometimes you really need to know what Super Smash Bros character an elf who has never seen a Nintendo before would use.

Some of the fandom flavored questions are:

1. Which Hogwarts house do you belong to?

2. Who is your favorite Doctor?

3. Trek, Wars, Gate or Battle?

4. A Song of Ice and Fire or Game of Thrones?

5. What was your favorite Joss Whedon inflicted death?

6.What Supernatural gif do you use the most?

7. What district are you from?

8. How many times have you watched Sherlock?

9. Do you prefer DC or Marvel?

10. Fire, air, water, or earth?

Author: authorialfuries

A literary dragon hoarding words like treasures.

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