10 Bookish Cupcakes – Genre Edition

When every other plan in my life fails dramatically Authorial Furies will become a bakery. Some notes on my future endeavor’s cupcakes:

1. Mystery

Crumbs dust an otherwise empty cupcake liner. A stray fingerprint, brushed in powdered sugar, presses the intricately folded paper down.

2. Horror

It was just like every other cupcake in the case— perfectly frosted, perfectly baked. Nothing could go wrong. Nothing was wrong. Certainly nothing was wrong with the reddish filling slowly seeping from the base…

3. Fantasy ***

A tiny sword adorned with a faintly glowing pommel stone erupts from the center of a roughly frosted cupcake. The cake itself is rather hard. It might be best served in a lake of sauce.

4. Metafiction

A frosted cupcake baked within a cupcake. Which is then frosted itself in the selfsame frosting initially frosted within. Indubitably.

5. Historical

Mix one pound flour, one pound butter, one pound sugar, and one pound eggs. No leaveners needed in the 1700s— just a strong mixing arm.

6. Romance

Despite no discernible draft, the paper liner ensconcing the rich chocolate sponge flutters like a butterfly’s wings. A bright red rose spun of sugar blossoms atop a swirl of rich chocolate frosting.

7. Science Fiction

Freeze Dried – Check

Nutrient Fortified – Check

Bright Green – Check

8. Western

Baked in a heavily oiled cast iron pan, a scorched corn cake needs no liner. It’s held together by grit and lard and gunmetal.

9. Fairy Tale

A delicate cupcake baked in a glistening glass goblet. A shimmering glaze decorously covers the cake. A singular fondant pearl punctuates the apex of the desert. With the first bite, you realize… that cupcake was a muffin all along!

10. The Movie Makeover

After one of the cupcakes is completely done, scoop off the frosting. Then have a passerby randomly choose a new flavor to slap onto it. Some consumers will love the change others will hate it. No matter what everyone will be very vocal about it.

***Many will try to buy this, but only sell it to the person who retrieves the sword. For they are The One.


Author: authorialfuries

A literary dragon hoarding words like treasures.

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