10 Utterly Foolproof Ways to Inspire Your Writing*

1. Spend a day responding to everything as your antagonist. Double points if it is inexplicably in archaic English.

2. Narrate your actions in third person for a day.

3. Perform your WIP as an improvisational musical at an open mic night.

4. Spin around five times whilst chanting your favorite author’s name.

5. Give a soliloquy while cosplaying your protagonist at your local coffee shop.

6. Dress in robes embroidered with inspirational writing quotations.

7. Go to a park. Narrate the ongoing epic saga of the birds.

8. Tape your hands to your computer.

9. Make your inner monologue external for a day.

10. Print out your current manuscript. Light said paper on fire. Write a new story by the dying light of your former brilliance.

*Results may vary.

Author: authorialfuries

A literary dragon hoarding words like treasures.

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