10 Things Writers Have on Their Desks (or in haphazard stacks nearby)

1. Approximately 23 fancy notebooks given to you by people who know you write.

2. Approximately 76 writing utensils given to you by those same people.

3. At least one mug of cold half-finished tea or coffee.

Or sometimes they are the desk.
Or sometimes they are the desk.

4. A cat. Perhaps two. Or whatever your writing familiar may be.

5. Post-its. So many post-its.

6. Plot ideas on said post-its that were abandoned books ago.

7. A stress ball/bobble head/ distraction machine that doubles as a projectile when bothered.

8. A pile of books that you’ve promised yourself you will read one day. This stack increases practically every day.

9. At least one well-loved book you reread on a regular basis to keep yourself sane.

10. A stack of bills.


Author: authorialfuries

A literary dragon hoarding words like treasures.

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